Oh hey there

Hi, I'm Cienna Jade. You may know me from refusing to give people cigarettes on the street. Or from wearing my bathrobe to Walmart while buying hot sauce and underwear. Or you may not know me at all in which case, like, wow lol what are you even doing here?

It's cool, though. I'm glad you are. I made this website to validate my new livelihood as a comedian since my mom obviously wasn't gonna. Anyway, I don't quite know what I'm doing with it yet so it'll probably just be links to stuff you can buy from me, like my comedy album, "Pillows Though," and random bits of art.

This site is also where I'll be housing my blog. I've had the habit for many years of posting long essays about society and whatever so that's all finally gonna have a home. And yeah, I know it isn't funny, but fuck you I'm a three dimensional person, it's not all gonna be shits and giggles. Some of it is just gonna be shit and some of it's gonna me be yelling: "Look at this shit! That's some fucked up shit! What are we gonna do about this shit? We need to get our collective shits together."

I'll be honest, I wasn't paying attention to everything I wrote just now, but hopefully it'll give you some idea of what you've gotten yourself into by coming to this site. Cheers.