Art Auction

Paintings for sell via silent online auction

With the pandemic still in full swing, I’m mostly focusing on painting instead of comedy these days and I’ve been doing so much of it, I could really use some buyers to clear space in my work area and also provide funds for more painting supplies.

However, I loathe putting a price to these things. Instead, I’m going to have you do it for me! Neat, right?

Here’s how it will work:

  • Scroll down to find a painting you like
  • Email me your bid to
  • Use the title of the painting as the email’s subject
  • Keep in mind your bid doesn’t need to be limited to money–you can bid supplies, favors, things you’ve made, or even just babysitting for an hour! The possibilities are endless–I’m desperate on so many levels!
“Snarky Sea Snek” acrylic on canvas 8″ x 10″
This sea snake ended up taking many hours of work after a varnishing session gone wrong. The background was poured and the snake drawn on with acrylic paint pens.
Current Bid: $20
“Haunted Ocean” on acrylic on stretched canvas 12″ x 12″
Didn’t really have a plan on this one–it’s a pour on top of a flower pour that didn’t work out.
Current Bid: $35
“Loki the Sea Dragon” on acrylic on canvas board 9″ x 12″
On a background from leftover pour paint, this beast was painstakingly created over the course of several days. Definitely one of my best works to date.
“Of Earth And Water” acrylic on stretched canvas 8″ x 10″
No real motive here, I just like the colors. I don’t really expect this one to go so I’ll likely add a subject to it once I see one.
“Sky Chasm” poured acrylic on stretched canvas 8″ x 10″
This had a plan but won’t work for it and I love it as is so no further work will be done on it regardless of whether it sells or not.
“The Geyser” acrylic on poster board 20″ x 30″
This was originally a tree I could never get right. It’s much happier as a geyser, I think. Note that poster board isn’t really meant for paint and as a result this is slightly warped.
“The Sun Compliments the Wave” acrylic pour on stretched canvas 9″ x 12″
I just like the colors. Probably will get a subject added to it if it doesn’t sell.

Again, if you’re wanting to bid on any of these attempts at art, just email with the title of the painting as the subject and your bid in the body of the email. Thanks!