Author: Jaded Cienna

Speaking of Rage It follows me everywhere A shadow hooked to me feet Trying always to drag me down to its oily abyss To its center To its center in me Where nothing matters But the coarse bonding of chemicals I am nothing more than their reactions Which the anger is always eager to corrupt […]

Oregon Police Departments’ Dangerous Double Standard

A look at two incidents in the past month that highlight Oregon police departments’ glaring tendency to brutally attack and arrest protesters of racial inequality while ignoring blatant violence from the Alt Right including pointing guns at people, macing people, and beating people. Here are some first hand accounts, photos, and videos of the protests […]

Eugene Protest July 25, 2020

The following firsthand account comes from one of our trusted contributors who wishes to remain anonymous for their safety. It has been lightly edited for typos and inclusion of sources when applicable. “Last night, at the federal courthouse in Eugene, a large protest took place. When I arrived there appeared to be several hundred people […]

Concerning ‘Arrests’ Nationwide

As of July 17th, reports began pouring in about protesters in Portland, Oregon being taken by unidentified federal agents, blindfolded, forced into unmarked vans, detained without their rights being read, and without probable cause. This news is deeply disturbing to many, as not only is it a direct violation of citizen’s Constitutional rights, but many […]

Argument for Abolishing the Police Based on History and Current Events – Opinion

I am guilty of forgetting I am an outlier in many of my friend circles and many of you have never, ever conceptualized a society without a police force. Big new ideas like that can be extremely difficult to grasp without a framework to support it, so I am going to try to give you […]

It’s Sunday in America, let’s talk about race – Opinion

Specifically, I want to talk about a little phrase that’s become all too popular in recent years: “it’s okay to be white.” This is important to discuss because no, no it is not okay. Now before you get all flustered and pull out your homemade victim card and scream ReVeRsE rAcIsM, let me explain. First, […]

The Chasm Between Black Men and White Women and the Bridge We Need to Build – Opinion

There are a lot of similarities between the struggles of racism and the struggles of sexism. This is not a radical notion—the oppressed often share similar experiences of abuse. It’s the differences, however, that cause strife and resentment between the two groups and when those differences are not understood and are allowed to fester, the […]