Author: Tahni Nikitins

Stories from the Front Lines: Trauma In The Streets

Tiffany McGuire, like many of us, found her life thrown into a state of flux when the pandemic hit. Before the spread of COVID-19 mandated shut downs and stay at home orders, she worked in film production as well as performing and producing stand-up comedy. She’s maintained a solid community through comedy, however, and her […]

Stories from the Front Lines: A Shining Example

April Gallaty was born into a military family. Her father was a Vietnam veteran who ran for Sheriff when she was a child, and many members of her family and extended family are either active duty or retired military. She has a strong respect for the military, she says, but “a healthy distrust of the […]

Stories from the Front Lines: Courage is Contagious

Benjamin Tier is a tour guide, comedian, and writer turned independent reporter. His first Black Lives Matter protest was in St. Augustine, FL, and after relocating to Portland, he began following Teresa Raifford, the founder of Don’t Shoot Portland who ran for the office of Portland mayor in 2020. “I listened [to] black mothers saying, […]

Stories from the Front Lines: Interview with Yenta

Videos of police lines advancing down Portland streets toward protesters, against a backdrop of tear gas and flash bangs, have been emerging from Black Lives Matter protests since late May. It looks more like a scene out of The Hunger Games than a night in one of America’s reputedly most liberal cities. The videos, photographs, […]