The Spare Gary

Essays, interviews, and a spreadsheet about racial justice and other working class protests following the lynching of George Floyd in 2020

Spreadsheet of some of the information and articles collected, corroborated, and sorted available here.

Protest Tips Tricks & Info

Weapons Tactics Targets

Stories From the Front Lines

A collection of interviews with protesters continually showing up to fight for an accountable society:

Stories from the Front Lines: Trauma In The Streets
Stories from the Front Lines: A Shining Example
Stories from the Front Lines: Courage is Contagious
Stories from the Front Lines: Interview with Yenta

Other essays and writings

Concerning ‘Arrests’ Nationwide
PDX Protests Mid July
Oregon Police Departments’ Dangerous Double Standard
Argument for Abolishing the Police Based on History and Current Events – Opinion

On a more personal note…

As the pandemic, protests, and economic insecurity have all worked in concert to bog down our energy and ability to document protest efforts and related causes, we ceased conducting interviews and gathering live footage. We still care, of course, and post about these issues when we can, but the amount of constant work this all took for a team of less than five people with no professional journalism experience was extremely taxing on our incomes and mental health. We regret we no longer update the spread sheets and write essays and conduct interviews, but it just wasn’t feasible to continue doing so.

However, our Spare Gary social media accounts are still active and sharing posts about racial and working class struggles worldwide as we stumble across them. You’re welcome to follow if you want a bit more current news than is offered here: